About Us

Data Gains offers football Clubs, charities, telcos and media organizations branded proprietary mobile browsers and PC browser extensions that allow their audiences to earn - at no cost to themselves - from their own data, online shopping, searching the web and everyday internet usage.

Data Gains allows organisations to gain a more targeted understanding of their users, through big data, whilst at the same time rewarding them.

With a simple one-click download, users can be supporting their charity or favourite club, earning money (credit) and winning prizes without losing any of the functionality of Safari or Chrome, nor any change of their search, shopping or browsing behaviour.

It is a proprietary, cloud hosted solution, utilising machine learning and social graphing techniques to reward and engage users with real intelligence.

Data Gains has three subsidiaries: Premier-Browser, Media-Browser, and Charity-Browser


Name: David Berney

Position: CEO - Founder

Founded two businesses, the Organic and Natural Food Company and Peekaboo Investments.

Name: Josh Fleet

Position: Director, Operations

Founded Kropped, an architectural social network, which sold to a competitor.

Name: Clive Jennings

Position: Financial Controller

Former PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and CEO of Private International group.

Name: Harry Dewhirst

Position: Director

Harry co-founded Amobee, which was acquired by SingTel in 2012 for $321 million, and UK mobile ad agency RingRing Media

Name: Mark Rowan

Position: Communications director

Mark is a media, communications and digital professional who has spent his entire career in professional sport. He held a senior position for 10 years at Premier League football club Everton.

Name: Richard Jackson

Position: Board Advisor

Former President and CEO of Ping An Bank in China.

Name: John O'Malley

Position: Advisor

John is qualified Chartered Accountant (ex KMPG) with 16 years experience in corporate finance, specialising in providing M&A, MBO/MBI, ECM, DCM, investment analysis and corporate restructuring.

Name: Bill Murray

Position: Regulatory

Former CEO of Haymarket Digital, launched www.whatcar.com which went on to become Haymarket’s biggest business within 10 years.